How… can you forgive, today?

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“Forgiveness… is giving up the right to be angry.”
– Unknown

How… can you forgive, today?

  • Recognize the anger…write it down.
    *I am angry, because…
     Whatever it is…it’s ok.
  • Take some deep breaths…
  • Sit with your words for an hour or so…
  • Communicate the anger…
  • Stare into your own eyes – in the mirror for ten minutes…and repeat: “I forgive you.”
  • Ask yourself, “Why is he, she, or it this way?”
    *What are the circumstances? What is the history?
  • Ask yourself, “Why was it this way?”
    *What were the circumstances? What was the history?
  • Remember… Strong People are Kind
  • Set yourself free, today!
Ask yourself, “How can I forgive, today?
Then, live from the question and see what unfolds…

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Focus on the ‘Weekly Question’ and ‘Weekly Intention,’ today…

Weekly Question: “How can you forgive…today?”
Weekly Intention: Forgiveness

Definition: ‘Forgiveness’ is to cease to feel resentment against an offender… to set yourself free.

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