How do you listen to someone…who you don’t like?

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Weekly Question: How do you listen to someone… who you don’t like?

Weekly Intention: Clarity

Resolve to be clear, first…


“When people talk, listen completely…”
– Ernest Hemingway

Unfortunately, listening can be hard!

So, how do you listen to someone who you don’t like?

Listen and resolve to be clear, first…

Let’s define ‘clarity…’

clar·i ty

1. The quality of being clear, or transparent; free from obscurity, easy to understand.

…Clarity can be achieved through listening. It can be achieved through listening with your whole heart, even if it makes you sad.

Let’s say, you hate someone, for instance.

You think..

  • They’ve “wronged” you.
  • They’ve mocked you.
  • They’ve judged you.

So, how do you listen to someone…who you don’t like?

  • Define the WHOLE situation, first.
  • Do the research, if necessary.

Be rigorous!

Ex: I hate him, because…

  • Breathe it in…feel the impact of the hatred and fear.
  • Feel it ~ take your time!  

Then, for the next hour, tell yourself,
“I’m going to feel the impact of the situation…feel it!”

  • Be with it…
  • Accept it…accept everything about it!
  • Accept the situation.

Then acknowledge the situation sucks.

  • Acknowledge the situation to yourself or others.
  • Acknowledge your role in it.
  • Acknowledge the part you played, however slight or grand.

Know that you create these feelings; they’re not “your fault,” but you create them for a reason.


It is about understanding.
What happened?

Examine the facts…just the facts!
  • Surrender to whatever it is that you need.
  • Ask for it.
  • Or go out and get it.
    *As long as you’re not intentionally hurting yourself, or anyone else; or acting in contrary to what you believe is the greater good; than it’s all good.
  • Start to consider the possible solutions…
  • Ask yourself, “What are the best solutions?”
  • Ask yourself, “How can everyone win?”
  • Ask yourself, “What will create the greatest good?”
  • Be the highest version of yourself…breathe it in…be authentic.
  • Understand that people have been hurt.

Ask yourself…while you’re communicating with someone: “How can I be my highest self? Then live from the question…

We usually don’t like someone, because something negative has happened. They have a problem with us; usually there’s a reason, but sometimes there isn’t a reason. When there is a discernible reason, which is often trivial, address it, by apologizing in many cases. Sometimes, there are cultural differences… sometimes there are deeper less obvious reasons.

Ex: I got in someone’s face about something and they were deeply offended…I didn’t think what I said was so bad, being from New Jersey, originally, but it was offensive to them. So, I apologized for ‘offending them.’ I apologized because they were hurt worse, then let’s say someone from New Jersey. I apologized sincerely; because they are more fragile than those on the East Coast. Really!
In other words, if you can find an authentic reason to apologize, and if you really look, you usually can find a reason…then apologize. It’s the only ‘way to peace,’ even though Gandhi said there’s no ‘way to peace,’ I disagree.
Sometimes you have to find a way…

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Play… The Happy & Successful Game!


If you notice you’re in the moment, you’re present, you’re paying attention to every detail, savoring the moment, you win. You are a success! If you notice you’re not in the moment, you’re not present, you’re not paying attention to every detail, not savoring the moment, you loose. 

The End. 

*Ya gotta do somethin’ to play!

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Imagine what could happened if we all focused on the intention this week! The purpose of focusing on an intention, or question is to practice it, so it can be called upon always and forever.

Remember, everyone is on their own path at their own pace, and we all have the same value. Also, while examining the intention and answering the question, make sure you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else.

Please practice yoga safely, and pause or stop when you need to pause or stop.  Listen to your body! Also, please consult a doctor before engaging in the practice of yoga. The Yoga Book blog, it’s affiliates, etc. do not take any responsibility for injuries, actions etc. which may occur as a result of doing yoga, focusing on the question/intention, or doing “Today’s Class.” Also, The Yoga Book blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional help. It is simply information based on experience and some research. Remember, you are making your own choices ~ following your own path, your own heart. ‘Tis up to you, what you do, and your sole responsibility. It is also your responsibility please, to seek the professional help you may need in dealing with the issues that may arise in your life.

…And we all need a little help, sometimes 🙂

The Yoga Book

“The idea for The Yoga Book came to me in a yoga class! I saw it clearly in my mind and I needed somewhere to write it down. Also, I had recently met with a Indian medical doctor, who had said “Different styles of yoga effect people differently, so it is important to know which ‘style of yoga’ is right for you.” So, I decided to create a book, where people could journal about their experiences in a yoga class, write about the different postures – how they felt, get inspired, and write about their insights… Sometimes I would come to class with a problem, any problem, and leave with a solution! And when I did, I’d write it down somewhere, so I decided to create The Yoga Book.” 

– Creator of The Yoga Book



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