How can you move forward, today?

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Weekly Question: How can you move forward, today?

Weekly Intention: Acceptance

Practice Acceptance…


Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” – J.K. Rowling

How can you move forward, today?

Let’s start by defining ‘move forward…’

move forward
verb (intr.)

1. Develop yourself, a situation… in a positive way.

Let’s continue by defining ‘acceptance…’


1. The act or process of accepting; accepting everything that happens or doesn’t happen; accepting every thought, feeling, and assessment…

Ask yourself, how can I move forward, today? 

  • How can I follow my dreams…?
  • How can I accept this situation?
  • How can I forgive…? 

Ask yourself, what do I need to do or say in order to accept something?

A good idea is to define it, first, clearly…for instance:

  • I hate the situation.
  • I need to understand, or at least attempt to understand…
    Set a time limit; i.e. a week, for instance, to explore the issue. If you still don’t understand, at least you can tell yourself you made an effort…
  • People are starving.
  • People are dying because they don’t have health care.
  • Human trafficking exists.
  • The oceans are dying.
  • People are murdered everyday.
  • His impulse is to cut people off, when they piss him off.
    The impulse to cut people off (when it’s impulsive) and the impulse to cling are both about fear of abandonment. And fear of abandonment is actually a spiritual problem; i.e. you’ll experience less fear, or often no fear, if you meditate, practice yoga, connect, pray, read spiritual writings, practice loving intentions, etc.
  • I don’t trust this person…whatever!

Just define it!

You can also move forward from these attitudes…

  • I can make a difference! 
  • I can have a great life!
  • I have a great life!
  • I love my life!
  • I deserve it!

Feel your feelings…

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How do you feel, today?
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Accept the situation…

  • Identify the thing; whatever it is…i.e. “I don’t trust you.”
  • Examine it, and ask yourself, “Is it true, does it feel true?
  • Choose a plausible reason, or reasons, why; and accept the reason,
    or reasons….
  • Ask yourself: “What needs to change? What can I do, today?” If anything…
  • Take responsibility…
  • Accept the reality…
  • Accept you may never know the real reason why…

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How do you forgive someone?
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Remember that people don’t ‘set out’ to hurt you, intentionally in most cases, and even if they do, it’s not about you. It’s about their ego, the situation…their own feelings of desperation, insecurity, or inadequacy. They are simply doing what they’re doing, in any given moment. And whatever they’re doing has nothing to do with YOU; even if it’s an act of violence. People are simply doing what they’re doing…

Only with forgiveness and acceptance can there be compassion…


1. Concern for another person’s sufferings; concern for their well being.

Also remember, in most cases: Tragedy + Time = Comedy.

Develop a plan, when you’re ready…

Check out this post:
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Ultimately, fear gets in the way, and fear is linked to spirituality; i.e. the more deeply spiritual you are ~ the more connected, caring, and open you are….the less fear you’ll experience.

Ex: She’ll be able to move forward; i.e. make decisions, when she is open to guidance. When she is open to guidance, i.e. calm and connected, a ‘divine decision’ or insight is more apt to pop into her head. The key is to follow through on the decision or insight, by taking action even if ~ while taking action, she may not “feel” it.

She’ll be able to move on, when she knows she’s not alone, or trusts she’s not alone. Although it’s important to note that she may feel alone, sometimes and feeling alone is a good indicator that she is disconnected from her spiritual self. By taking action, like playing the “Happy and Successful Game,” [See below] or meditating, for instance, she will feel more connected.

Know…you’re not alone.

Ultimately, a spiritual practice can make decisions easier, and the “right decision” more obvious…A spiritual practice can make life easier.

The deeper the spiritual practice, the easier it is to live.

Check out this TED talks Lecture on Motivation:
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Ask yourself…

How can I develop…in a positive way, today?
Then live from the question and see what unfolds…

Ask someone else…

How can you develop…in a positive way, for your own sake? 

Other thoughts…

It has been said that everything happens for a reason, and “everything” often happens, as part of a lesson we need to learn.

The things that make up everything often need to get addressed and assessed; i.e. defined. For example: “I hate this situation.”

Note, these “things” ~ that need to be defined are here to propel you forward. Again, they need to be defined, so you can make choices.

The key is to make the right choices, the choices in alignment with
your higher purpose.

Today’s Class
Free Yoga Classes!
Click here: Yoga Classes


Play… The Happy & Successful Game!


If you notice you’re in the moment, you’re present, you’re paying attention to every detail, savoring the moment, you win. You are a success! If you notice you’re not in the moment, you’re not present, you’re not paying attention to every detail, not savoring the moment, you loose. 

The End. 

*Ya gotta do somethin’ to play!

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Articles, books and videos on “peace, healing, being present, expressing yourself, following your dreams, treating yourself, creating your life, enjoying the moment, simplifying your life, getting unstuck, moving forward, having fun, forgiving, pushing yourself, feeling your feelings, following your heart, loving yourself, having a positive body image, laughing, finding flow, being different, possibility, trusting people, grounding yourself, letting go, happiness, finding your calling, creating peace of mind, setting an intention, etc.” Enjoy!

Imagine what could happened if we all focused on the intention this week! The purpose of focusing on an intention, or question is to practice it, so it can be called upon always and forever.

Remember, everyone is on their own path at their own pace, and we all have the same value. Also, while examining the intention and answering the question, make sure you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else.

Please practice yoga safely, and pause or stop when you need to pause or stop.  Listen to your body! Also, please consult a doctor before engaging in the practice of yoga. The Yoga Book blog, it’s affiliates, etc. do not take any responsibility for injuries, actions etc. which may occur as a result of doing yoga, focusing on the question/intention, or doing “Today’s Class.” Also, The Yoga Book blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional help. It is simply information based on experience and some research. Remember, you are making your own choices ~ following your own path, your own heart.
‘Tis up to you, what you do, and your sole responsibility. It is also your responsibility please, to seek the professional help you may need in
dealing with the issues that may arise in your life.

…And we all need a little help, sometimes 🙂

The Yoga Book

The Yoga Book is a personal journal for your insights and inspirations, after a yoga class! It is also a journal for your experiences, so you can determine which style of yoga, yoga class, or instructor is right for you. 

“The idea for The Yoga Book came to me in a yoga class! I saw it clearly in my mind and I needed somewhere to write it down. Also, I had recently met with a Indian medical doctor, who had said “Different styles of yoga effect people differently, so it is important to know which ‘style of yoga’ is right for you.” So, I decided to create a book, where people could journal about their experiences in a yoga class, write about the different postures – how they felt, get inspired, and write about their insights… Sometimes I would come to class with a problem, any problem, and leave with a solution! And when I did, I’d write it down somewhere, so I decided to create The Yoga Book.” 

– Creator of The Yoga Book

*It has 100 pages for notes, and on each page it has an inspirational quote, a space for the date, class, and instructor’s name, and it will be available on very soon!



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