How can you create your life, today?

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Weekly Question: How can you create your life…?

Weekly Intention: Infinite

Be infinite…


“Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week’s question is “How can you create your life, today?”

Let’s start by defining ‘create…’



1. Cause something to happen; bring something into existence.

Ex: She said she’d get a great new job, she looked for one, and she got one!

Every act of creation is a magical miracle and you are always creating!

Let’s continue by defining ‘infinite…’


1. Endless, boundless, limitless.

Possibilities are endless, waiting to be discovered.

*You are endless and so is possibility.

How to create your life…

  • Create a goal that lights up your soul!
  • Breathe it in…
  • Smile
  • Write it down! 
    See this blog post: Where are you going?
  • Check in with yourself…are you enjoying this moment?
    See this blog post: How…can you enjoy this moment?
  • Create a space for yourself…
    See this blog post: How can you simplify your life, today?
  • Take action! …A small action, everyday!
    *It can be infinitesimally small!
    *The action you take will gain momentum… 
  • Let go! 

Read this Article:
“Creating a life on purpose”
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Read this Article:
“How to Design a Life of Your Choice”
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Ask yourself, how can I create my life, today?
Then live from the question and see what unfolds…

*As long as you’re not hurtin’ yourself or anyone else 😉

Ask someone else…

How can you create your life, today? 

Weekly Notes

  • Do something that you enjoy…
  • Do something that you think might be good for you…
  • Do something that is in alignment with your life purpose…
    *See this book: The Life You Were Born to Live, by Dan Millman
    *What is your gift?
      Everyone has one…
    *What would you like to give to the world?
    *What would you like to experience?
  • Stay in the moment…when you can.
    *If you’re having trouble staying in the moment, then slow down ~ really SLOW DOWN.
  • Remember you are perfect the way you are now, so is the situation…
    *Again, YOU are here to have an experience…to push yourself. Enjoy it!
  • Check out this post: How… can you push yourself, today? Click here: 

Also remember…celebrate your little successes!

Reward yourself in healthy and happy ways…

Today’s Class
Free Yoga Classes!
Click here: Yoga Classes


Play… The Happy & Successful Game!


If you notice you’re in the moment, you’re present, you’re paying attention to every detail, savoring the moment, you win. You are a success! If you notice you’re not in the moment, you’re not present, you’re not paying attention to every detail, not savoring the moment, you loose. 

The End. 

*Ya gotta do somethin’ to play!

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Articles, books and videos on “peace, healing, being present, expressing yourself, following your dreams, treating yourself, creating your life, enjoying the moment, simplifying your life, getting unstuck, moving forward, having fun, forgiving, pushing yourself, feeling your feelings, following your heart, loving yourself, having a positive body image, laughing, finding flow, being different, possibility, trusting people, grounding yourself, letting go, happiness, finding your calling, creating peace of mind, setting an intention, etc.” Enjoy!

Imagine what could happened if we all focused on the intention this week! The purpose of focusing on an intention, or question is to practice it, so it can be called upon always and forever.

Remember, everyone is on their own path at their own pace, and we all have the same value. Also, while examining the intention and answering the question, make sure you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else.

Please practice yoga safely, and pause or stop when you need to pause or stop.  Listen to your body! Also, please consult a doctor before engaging in the practice of yoga. The Yoga Book blog, it’s affiliates, etc. do not take any responsibility for injuries, actions etc. which may occur as a result of doing yoga, focusing on the question/intention, or doing “Today’s Class.” Also, The Yoga Book blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional help. It is simply information based on experience and some research. Remember, you are making your own choices ~ following your own path, your own heart. ‘Tis up to you, what you do, and your sole responsibility. It is also your responsibility please, to seek the professional help you may need in dealing with the issues that may arise in your life.

…And we all need a little help, sometimes 🙂

The Yoga Book

“The idea for The Yoga Book came to me in a yoga class! I saw it clearly in my mind and I needed somewhere to write it down. Also, I had recently met with a Indian medical doctor, who had said “Different styles of yoga effect people differently, so it is important to know which ‘style of yoga’ is right for you.” So, I decided to create a book, where people could journal about their experiences in a yoga class, write about the different postures – how they felt, get inspired, and write about their insights… Sometimes I would come to class with a problem, any problem, and leave with a solution! And when I did, I’d write it down somewhere, so I decided to create The Yoga Book.” 

– Creator of The Yoga Book



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