How… can you experience peace, today?

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Weekly Question: How can you experience peace…?

Weekly Intention: Peace

Create peace…


“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
– Albert Einstein

This week’s question is “How can you experience peace, today?”

So, let’s start by defining ‘peace…’


1. Free from hatred: understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, tranquility, harmony, calm.

How can you experience peace, today?

How do you forgive someone?

Let’s start by defining forgiveness…


1. The act or process of forgiving. 

Ex: She forgave him for killing her son.

Once a person forgives someone [or something], they can have compassion.


1. Concern for another person’s sufferings; concern for their well being.

I would add, irregardless of whatever’s happened.

And only with forgiveness and honesty ~ can there be compassion.

How do you forgive someone?

It might be easier if you simply say to yourself “they were ~ or are susceptible to evil.” Or perhaps it was not them – their true soul or spirit, who acted out, etc.

Also remember that people do not intentionally ‘set out’ to hurt you, in
most cases. 
And even if they do, it’s not about you. It’s about their ego, the situation…their own feelings of desperation, insecurity, or inadequacy.

They are simply doing what they’re doing, in any given moment and whatever they’re doing has nothing to do with YOU; even if it’s an act of violence. People are simply doing what they’re doing.

Let me say it again…

It isn’t personal.

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Ask yourself, “How can I experience peace, today?”
Then, live from the question and see what unfolds…

Weekly Notes

Sometimes, some things can be painfully difficult to accept. And these “things” can cause great distress. The trick is to distinguish these things. Write them down…

Other Notes

Once a person forgives, they can have compassion for the person, even if compassion doesn’t seem necessary, it is best to find a way to experience it – for your own sake. For instance, if someone, or some country, has done something foolish, what is the highest response of other governments?  

In other words, how can YOU, for instance be the highest version of yourself?

Imagine ~ how inspiring it would be, if the less fortunate had compassion for the more fortunate? How crazy? Right? Just imagine the extraordinary nature of the scenario…What if “the less fortunate” had compassion for “the more fortunate?”

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Play… The Happy & Successful Game!


If you notice you’re in the moment, you’re present, you’re paying attention to every detail, savoring the moment, you win. You are a success! If you notice you’re not in the moment, you’re not present, you’re not paying attention to every detail, not savoring the moment, you loose. 

The End. 

*Ya gotta do somethin’ to play!

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Imagine what could happened if we all focused on the intention this week! The purpose of focusing on an intention, or question is to practice it, so it can be called upon always and forever.

Remember, everyone is on their own path at their own pace, and we all have the same value. Also, while examining the intention and answering the question, make sure you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else.

Please practice yoga safely, and pause or stop when you need to pause or stop.  Listen to your body! Also, please consult a doctor before engaging in the practice of yoga. The Yoga Book blog, it’s affiliates, etc. do not take any responsibility for injuries, actions etc. which may occur as a result of doing yoga, focusing on the question/intention, or doing “Today’s Class.” Also, The Yoga Book blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional help. It is simply information based on experience and some research. Remember, you are making your own choices ~ following your own path, your own heart.’Tis up to you, what you do, and your sole responsibility. It is also your responsibility please, to seek the professional help you may need in dealing with the issues that may arise in your life.

…And we all need a little help, sometimes 🙂

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