How… can you ‘give yourself permission,’ today?

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Weekly Question: How can you ‘give yourself permission…?’

Weekly Intention: Allow

Allow yourself…


“Give yourself permission…”
– Anonymous

This week’s question is “How can you ‘give yourself permission,’ today?”

So, let’s start by defining, ‘give yourself permission…’

give yourself permission

1. To allow yourself to be YOU. 

Ex: She gave herself permission to say no, even though she thought her reason was less valid than her friend’s reason, and as a result, her friend was angry.

It’s o.k.!

Allow it…

How can you ‘give yourself permission,’ today?

  • Honor your choices…be at peace.
  • Honor your reasons…be at peace.
  • Give up pleasing others, this week and please yourself!
    Ex: Even if you think your reason is ‘less important’ than someone else’s reason, which is only an interpretation, anyway, be at peace.
  • Say “NO!” If you wanna…
    Ex: You can say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ for any reason, or for ‘no clear reason,’ and the person you’re saying no to… may not understand. Irregardless, choose to be at peace.
  • Do your thing…
  • Be imperfect…
  • Ask yourself, “How… can I be comfortable, today?” Then live from the question and see what unfolds! Ex: She stopped what she was doing and made herself comfortable.
  • Feel…
  • Be comfortable…
  • Go slow!
  • Whatever!

If you give yourself permission, you will automatically give others permission!

Be strong!

If you’re hard on yourself, you’ll be hard on others, which is the opposite of ‘giving yourself permission.’

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So, if you’re hard on yourself, be a little  easier on yourself, today, for the greater good! And remember to feel your feelings and say no, if ya want to say no, because your feelings, reasons and experiences are VALID. They’re as valid as anyone else’s feelings, reasons and experiences.

Let’s not forget this week’s intention…


1. To be o.k. with a decision (in this case); to deem it acceptable.
2. To make the time or opportunity for something. 

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Ask yourself, how can I give myself permission, today?

Then live from the question and see what unfolds…

Other Notes

Be at peace, despite rejection or disapproval.

Ex: Someone says, “I think my reason is better than your reason.”

Be at peace and accept your reason as valid, because, it doesn’t matter! Your reason is as valid  as anyone else’s reason and your experience is equally valid, because it is based on your life.

You’re on your own path and everyone’s path is valid.

We’re gonna get annoyed from time to time when people say NO to us, for instance, and it’s o.k. to be angry. But keep in mind, your reason is equally valid…Of course, it’s o.k. to fight for what you want, if you think it’s worth the fight; as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else!

Of course, if you’re giving yourself permission, already, ask yourself, “How can I give others permission, today?”

Weekly Notes

Let’s talk about forgiveness…

How can you forgive someone who doesn’t seem to care or have compassion? How can you forgive someone who doesn’t seem to understand, or doesn’t want to talk about it? Well, some people in certain situations are like ‘slugs,’ and slugs (real slugs, like the bugs!) are not seemingly compassionate. Slugs are simply slugs. They can’t really hear you, which means they can’t understand you. At worst, when speaking to a “slug-like” human who doesn’t understand you, it is devastatingly sad and at best, it’s uproariously funny! 

Eventually, you’ll wake up and say, “they’re never gonna get it. They’re never gonna understand.” Most people, however, eventually, will understand you; but nine times out of ten, you won’t be around to witness it, and they’ll never tell you! So, you’ll never know…

Also, when you look at your life and you are thinking that it isn’t where it “should be” and you’re judging yourself… in the moment, choose to LOVE YOURSELF! In the moment, say to yourself and others, “I like myself; I’m a good person; I care about others; I’m doing what I need to do; I accept the choices I’ve made…” 

Speak in the present tense: “I like myself,” or the present perfect tense: “I’ve made some bad choices and I understand why, now…or I’ve given it enough thought…” and own it!

If you feel good, good will come.

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