How… can you emotionally support yourself, today?

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Weekly Question: How can you emotionally support yourself…?

Weekly Intention: Breathe

Breathe deeply, today…


“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”
– Kenji Miyazawa

This week’s question is “How can you emotionally support yourself, today?”

So, let’s start by defining, ’emotional support… ‘

emotional support

1. Understanding, accepting, listening, encouraging, and reassuring someone.

Ex: She emotionally supported herself by exercising, meditating, and communicating her issue.

Ex: He said, calmly and with compassion, “Can you ask me ~ how I’m doing, rather than ~ what I’m doing?” 

Emotional support is showing an interest someone’s life. Often, we are too busy to connect with each other, so let’s make time and connect!

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How can you emotionally support yourself, today?

  • Identify your emotional needs…
  • Ask yourself, 3 TIMES A DAY. “How do I feel?” And feel it!
    See this post: How do you feel, today?
  • Address your needs…
  • Make requests of others in your life…
  • Ask yourself, “What do I really, really want right now?”
    *Perhaps you’d like to indulge yourself in something good! Go ahead!
    *As long as you’re acting in your best and highest interests.
  • Breathe…
  • Take a hot shower…
  • Find a peaceful place, and simply sit.
  • Find a group of people with similar interests and engage…
  • Forgive yourself…and others.
    *Allow yourself to understand why you, or they did something…
  • Light a candle…
  • Play some theta-wave healing music…
    *Any meditation from Kelly Howell is great!
    Click here: Meditation
  • Do whatever you want!
    *As long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else… 🙂
  • Can you answer questions clearly and directly?
  • Can you be straight with people?
  • Can you tell the truth, the whole truth…?
  • Can you deliver unpleasant news calmly and effectively?

It’s always a work in progress…

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Ask yourself, “How can I emotionally support myself, today?
Then live from the question and see what unfolds…

Ask yourself, “How can I emotionally support someone else?”
If you’re ready…

Weekly Notes

Do these questions resonate?

  • Do you know ~ what you want?
  • Is something standing in the way of you and being comfortable, for instance? 
    What is it?
    Handle it…
  • Is there something that you need to acknowledge before you can move forward? What is it? What do you need?

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