How can you forget EVERYTHING, today? For your wellbeing…

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Weekly Question: How can you forget EVERYTHING…?

Weekly Intention: Open

Be open…


“You don’t really know anything.”
– Anonymous

This week’s question is “How… can you forget EVERYTHING, today?”

So, let’s start by defining, ‘forget…’


1. Cease to consider.

Forget it!

Let’s continue by defining ‘everything…’


1. All things, events, thoughts, people in life…

It’s everything.

Forget it, and simply experience the miracle in front of you.

How can you forget EVERYTHING, today? 

  • Be open… information is being given to you.
  • Confront moderately difficult issues, early in the week, then forget them!
    Ex: Create a Budget
    Ex: Create Alarms for Appointments
    Ex: Schedule your week and keep your word. Experience everything, fully!
  • If you have a “bad” memory, replace it with a “good” memory.
    Ex: If you’re having a bad memory, stop and ask yourself, “what good
    can come from it?” Perhaps, the incident made you a stronger person.
    If so, replace the “bad” memory with a “good” memory ~ of “the strong you.” 
  • If you have a “negative” thought, replace it with a “positive” thought.
    Ex: If you’re having a negative thought, replace it with a positive thought, related to the incident. Write it down! Be specific. 
  • Meditate in the morning and in the evening.
    Recommended Meditations on Youtube. They’re free!
    Click here:  Meditations
  • Do whatever pops into your head!
  • Take action!

*As long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else…

Ask yourself, “How can I forget EVERYTHING, today?”
Then live from the question and see what unfolds…

Don’t forget ‘open…’ until after you’ve read about it.


1. Allowing passage through something (you)

Ex: She was open to all possibilities, from all sources.

Recommended Articles:
Click here: “How our brains work to erase bad memories”
Click here: “Two Ways to Forget Bad Memories”

Other Notes

Allow people to judge you…

It’s o.k.!

People will judge you.

Just… continue to be yourself and be grateful for your glorious uniqueness…

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