How… can you enjoy the outdoors, today?

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Weekly Question:  How… can you enjoy the outdoors?

Weekly Intention: Rejoice!

Daily Affirmation: I love being outside!


“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” – John Burroughs

This week’s question is “How can you enjoy the outdoors?”

So, let’s start with defining ‘enjoy…’


1. Take pleasure in…

Let’s continue by defining ‘the outdoors…’

the outdoors

1. An area outside a building or shelter; in the open air.

Ex: She sat on the porch and smiled. She enjoyed the outdoors.

How can you enjoy ‘the outdoors,’ today?

Ask yourself, “How can I enjoy the outdoors, today?”
Then, live from the question and see what unfolds…

Take action!

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Weekly Notes

Sometimes, words get watered down; words like “enjoy.” They get overused and they loose their meaning, so defining words helps us experience them ‘a-new.’

Let’s examine the word ‘enjoy,’ as an example, in the context of being outdoors. The definition of ‘enjoy,’ for instance, is to ‘take pleasure in…’ So for the purposes of this exercise, as related to the weekly question, substitute ‘enjoy’ for ‘take pleasure in…’ when you’re outside! 

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