How… can you ‘give up interpretation,’ today?

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Weekly Question:  How… can you ‘give up’ interpretation?

Weekly Intention: Acceptance

Daily Affirmation: I accept it.


“Accept everything, just the way it is…”
– Miyamoto Musashi

This week’s question is “How can you ‘give up’ interpretation?”

So, let’s start with defining ‘give up…’

give up
phrasal verb

1. To stop thinking something (in this case).

Ex: She accepted her decision, and gave up her interpretation about it.

Let’s continue with defining ‘interpretation…’


1. The act of defining, labeling or explaining something (as good or bad).

Ex: She contemplated the incident without interpretation and decided it was simply “what happened.”

And let’s not forget “acceptance…”


1. Something accepted as suitable.

Ex: She accepted her reasons as suitable.

How can you ‘give up your interpretation,’ today?

  • Give up interpretations…
    Notice when you’re labeling something as “good” or “bad,” and simply
    say to yourself, “This is what happened.”  
  • Be neutral! 
    Examine a situation from every angle…examine the facts and circumstances, and if you have to consider it, as we often do, simply say, “This was supposed to happen for the greater good.”
  • Take action, if you’re motivated!
  • Feel your feelings. 🙂
  • Encourage others to give up their judgments…
  • Remind yourself, “I am free!”

Ask yourself, “How can I give up interpretation, today?”
Then, live from the question and see what unfolds…

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Weekly Notes

Notice… if you’re judging yourself ~ for “judging,” and simply say, “Oh, I’m judging myself.” 🙂  Because allowing yourself to “be” can lead to higher states of consciousness and higher states of consciousness can be fun!

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