How… can you completely, utterly and totally be yourself, today?

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Weekly Question:  How can you completely, utterly and totally be yourself?

Weekly Intention: Serene Focus

Daily Affirmation: I am…


“You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant.”
– Dr. Seuss

This week’s question is “How… can you completely, utterly and totally be yourself, today?” 

So, let’s start with defining ‘completely, utterly and totally…’


1. Unreservedly, fully, thoroughly. 


1. Absolutely, entirely, completely.


1. Wholly, unconditionally, perfectly.

Let’s continue by defining ‘be yourself…’

be yourself
phrasal verb

1. Act in a natural way; in alignment with your character and instincts.

How… can you be yourself, today?

  • Speak truthfully…
  • Be authentic…
  • Deeply consider your words and actions…
    Is it you?
    Is it authentic?
  • Notice…
    Are you saying something that you think you “should” say?
    Are you doing something that you think you “should” do?
    Are you “shoulding all over” yourself?!
    Stop it! 
  • Know this… People are going to judge you, NO MATTER WHAT!
    People are going to judge you if you DO NOTHING!  There is no escaping judgement. So, be yourself…because what’s the alternative?
  • Breathe.

Ask yourself, “How can I be myself, today?
Then, live from the question and see what unfolds…

How would you act, if you were impervious to other people?” 

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