How can you… ‘trust the universe,’ today?

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Weekly Question: “How can you… ‘trust the universe,’ today?”

Weekly Intention: Trust 


“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” – Les Brown

“How can you… ‘trust the universe,’ today?”

  • Take action! 
    *Ask yourself, “Is it for the highest good?” If yes, trust the outcome.
    *Note: Things happen ~ often unexpectedly ~ to lead you to some greater purpose…look for signs!
    Click here: How to Spot Signs from the Universe
  • Do the work…
    *Make clear, sound choices while being open to miracles!
  • Stay the course…
    *Develop a course of action, set specific goals and value your word. 😉
    *Say to yourself, “I’m keepin’ my word!”
  • Love others…
  • Trust the process…even if you don’t understand it.
  • Enjoy!

Ask yourself,  “How can you… ‘trust the universe,’ today?”
Then, live from the question and see what unfolds…

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This week’s question is “How can you… ‘trust the universe,’ today?”

So, let’s define’trust…’ and ‘universe’ and ponder both…


1. To believe in the ability of something to pull through for you…


1. All existing matter and space in the cosmos. The force all around you.

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“The idea for The Yoga Book came to me in a yoga class! I saw it clearly in my mind and I needed somewhere to write it down. Also, I had recently met with an Indian medical doctor, who had said “Different styles of yoga effect people differently, so it is important to know which ‘style of yoga’ is right for you.” So, I decided to create a book, where people could journal about their experiences in a yoga class, write about the different postures – how they felt, get inspired, and write about their insights… Sometimes I would come to class with a problem, any problem, and leave with a solution! And when I did, I’d write it down somewhere, so I decided to create The Yoga Book.” 

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3 thoughts on “How can you… ‘trust the universe,’ today?

  1. So glad I discovered your blog. 🙂 Yoga has been a hobby of mine for about a year now, and I’m even on the journey of attaining my yoga teacher training certification. On my blog, I’ve even started a yoga photo journal, which is helping me see what I need to improve, and how much progress I’ve already made. Thanks for this awesome post! I am looking forward to discovering more and more yoga-related pieces of writing. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope the blog inspires you. 🙂 And I’ll definitely check out your yoga photo journal. AND… congrats on your journey to become a certified instructor!

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